How to Install Windows 3.1 on Android

1st things 1st... :)
-No root access is needed
-Just follow the steps clearly and you won't face any problems. Trust me!
-Very easy to use
-The purpose is just for fun, if you failed to follow the instructions or something went wrong, don't worry it might not brick your beloved phone.. :)

Step 1: Download the file

Here is the link :-
-download the dosbox
Click here to download it

-download Windows 3.1 zip file
Direct Download
Mirror:  Mediafire  |  Jumbofiles  | UFile

Step 2: Unpacking & extracting

1) Create two folders on root of your SD card (not external SD!)
i) windows
ii) winsetup
2) Unpack the, then unpack the Win31.ISO using winrar or 7zip
3) Copy & paste ALL the extracted files from Win31.ISO in folder 'windows' that you've created

Step 3: Installs

1) Install aDosBox-v0.2.5.apk to your phone
2) Now follow this step in order, you might not end up in difficulty if you followed properly.. :)
-open aDosBox in app menu
-just click 'Ok' when popup menu appears for the 1st time
-touch on the upper left on the screen or click menu then click 'OnScreen Keyboard'
-the keyboard will appear
-type 'mount d /mnt/sdcard/winsetup' then click enter
-type 'mount -u c' then click enter
-type 'mount c /mnt/sdcard/windows' then click enter
-type 'd:' then click enter
-type 'setup' then click enter
3) You are now entering the Windows 3.1 Setup. Just use the express installation setting if you know nothing(RECOMMENDED).. ;)
*Tips: mouse can be moved by touching on the screen

Step 4: Run

After finished installing, you don't need to install it again.

1) Close aDosBox & Open aDosBox
2) Touch the upper left on the screen (a keyboard will popup)
3) Type 'mount -u c' then press enter
4) Type 'mount c /mnt/sdcard/windows' then press enter
5) Type 'c:' then press enter
6) Type 'cd windows' then press enter
7) Type ''
8) That's it! A windows logo will appear and startup.. :)

*Type the command without quote ''
*After installed, just follow the Step 4 to run, no need to follow Step 1 to Step 3.


  1. before setup command it is working but on setup command it is giving error as illegal command on my samasung galaxy tab 2 android ics

  2. You've made a mistake in saying we should type "d:" after mounting the drives. You have mounted the setup files in the c: drive.

    For those having the "illegal command" problem, you have to do this:

    1. c:
    2. setup

  3. help help tenho netbook android 2.2 e formatei o sdcar nele mas agora nao reconhece mais o sdcard diz que o sdcard ja pode ser removido com seguranca testei outro sdcard novo mas nao deu instalei outa rom mas tambem nao deu por favor me ajude

    Read more:

  4. My ADosBox won't open it kicks me off

  5. It worked at me. Just follow the EXACT instruictions in the EXACT order for it to work. :)

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  7. Thanks it works! Remember to type 'c:' not 'd:' to not recieve the illegal command line.

    After installing, find the autoexec in dosbox settings given you're using FreeBox and change the lines to:
    mount c /mnt/sdcard/windows
    cd windows

    This will automatically save the right mounting process so you only need to type 'win' when you open dosbox and it will load the game. I haven't tested putting win under the command line yet... Hope this thread stays forever I love this game!

    1. Yep, putting 'win' under the command lines I previously gave will automatically run Windows 3.11 when you click the dosbox application.

      This should work on all applications given it has the option to edit the autoexec.