How to Install ClockworkMod v5.5.0.4 for Samsung Galaxy W GT-I8150

There are 2 ways to Install ClockworkMod v5.5.0.4 for Samsung Galaxy W GT-I8150.

Method 1 : Using Odin

1. Download Odin and Ancora :
Mediafire  |  Jumbofiles  |  UFile
2. Download recovery-clockwork-
Mediafire  |  Jumbofiles  |  UFile
3. Open Odin.
- Select the ops file, and enable one package in options
- then load the md5(recovery-clockwork- file with the One Package button.
- put ur phone it into download mode, first turn off phone, then hold Volume Down + Home + Power Button   for a while. 
- Phone will turn on and show some screen, then you plug in usb cable.

Method 2 : Using adb
- Download recovery.img
Mediafire  |  Jumbofiles  | UFile

1. You have to root your phone. Click here to root your phone if you haven't yet. 
2. Copy the downloaded file (recovery) to USB storage. Unplug your phone from PC.
3. Install android terminal emulator from market.
4. Tick USB debugging dekat setting-application-development. 
5. Open terminal emulator 
6. Now, enter this:
#dd if=/sdcard/recovery.img of=/dev/block/mmcblk0p13
7. Done.

How to check whether your phone has already installed clockworkmod or not ?

1. Turn off your phone
2. Turn on your phone (hold volume up button + home button + power button ) and release power button as soon as samsung logo appear.
3. Hold your volume up button + home button until clockworkmod recovery appear on the screen.

List of Custom ROM for Samsung Galaxy Wonder GT-I8150 [Updated]

This list will be update as soon as possible when a new ROM is available for this phone ( Samsung Galaxy Wonder GT-I8150 )

Gingerbread Custom ROMs :

1. Bionic Cow
Click here for detail and download link

2. Black Notes Hybrid
Click here for detail and download link 

3. Black Notes Hybrid 2nd Gen
Click here for detail and download link

4. Cow ROM v7 (Bionic Cow 2)
Click here for detail and download link  

5. MIUI Gingerbread based DXLC1
Click here for detail and download link

6. GingerICE 2.1 (Android 2.3.6 EU based, Custom .35 Kernel with OC capability)
Click here for detail and download link  

7. Kezra Value Pack V1.1 (Android 2.3.6, CowKernel)
Click here for detail and download link 

8. Cow ROM: Moar RAM (359MB), Moar Speed (1.8Ghz)
Click here for detail and download link 

Click here for detail and download link 

10. Optimized Kezra V4 Final [Android 2.3.6, Custom .35 Kernel, V6 Supercharger]  
Click here for detail and download link 

11. Galaxy W/Exhibit II RebelROM 3.0 [ICS hybrid, LITE and SMOOTH]
Click here for detail and download link

12. Bagux Project ROM v1.4
Click here for detail and download link

13. Mutant ROM v1.3
Click here for detail and download link

14. CyanogenMod 7 UNOFFICIAL [Build 3]
Click here for detail and download link

15. Stock Gaming Rom Stable 
Click here for detail and download link

16. Simplified GB with S3 Look V2
Click here for detail and download link

ICS Custom ROMs :

1. CyanogenMod 9 RC (Build 2)  Updated
Click here for detail and download link 

Click here for detail and download link

3. MIUI v.4 2.8.10
Click here for detail and download link

4. PARANOIDANDROID Ecstacy [RC1.8a]  
Click here for detail and download link

5. RemICS v1.4 - SIII look
Click here for detail and download link

6. EHNDROIX 12.9.13
Click here for detail and download link

7. Digital AOKP
Click here for detail and download link

Jelly Bean Custom ROMs : 

1. CyanogenMod 10 Alpha 4.1  Updated
Click here for detail and download link

2. Digital.I8150.BZS 
Click here for detail and download link

3. Paranoid Android 2.5.2 / CM10
Click here for detail and download link

4. AOKP Jelly Bean
Click here for detail and download link  

Click here if you dont know how to install Custom ROM

How to get Google Chrome to any Android Phone


1. Google Chrome browser
2. Android Smartphone
3. Google Account

Step by step procedure:

1. Install Google Chrome in your PC.
2. Install extension "Google Chrome to Phone" for your Google Chrome in your PC. Search the extension using google.
3. Then, Download and install this chrometophone to your Android phone.
Download chrometophone :
Jumbofiles  | UFile
4. After install it to your phone. Go to your google chrome browser and click on Gear Icon at the top right corner of the browser and click the phone icon. It will ask you to sign in to your google account. Make sure it is the same account you sign in for your phone.
5. Congratulations, you are successfully configured google to chrome in your android device. :)

Titanium Backup Pro [ Complete Guide ]

TB pro latest : Click Here
Don't forget to install the patch. There were already an instruction and download link on that site above.

How to make Complete Backup and Restore before flash another rom ?

1. Go to Setting-app-development-enable usb debugging ( tick enable usb debugging )

2. Open TB pro (Only pro version can make batch backup!)
- menu-batch-backup-backup all user apps + system data - run.

3. Connect your phone to your PC, find folder Titanium Backup in your phone and copy to your PC [for backup].

4. Proceed to swap memory/flash custom rom/stock rom/wipe everything in your phone because there was already a backup in your PC

5. After you swap memory/flash custom rom/stock rom/wipe everything in your phone, reinstall TB Pro.

6. Copy the Titanum Backup folder in your PC to you USB Storage.

7. Open TB pro - preferences backup folder location - find the path to the Titanum Backup folder.

8. Menu - batch - restore. WARNING : Restore user app + data only! Better user apps only, because sometimes Force Close can occur to some apps if you restore data.

9. To restore contact, just select - restore contact storage. Not contact.apk!

P/S: Be careful when using TB Pro because sometimes, when you make even a mistake, you need to re-flash the Rom. So, be careful.

How to Install ChainFire 3D Plugin for any Android phones

Why you need it?
Why you need it for your Galaxy Wonder ?

Samsung Galaxy Wonder runs on Snapdragon chipset cpu with Adreno Graphic Processing Unit.

- Not all games support this kind of GPU.
- And sometimes after you downloaded large amount of data, you can't play the game!
   Either the you are having graphic colour distortion or the game exit before you can play anything.
- There are games designed just for THD devices with Nvidia GPU. Trust me, it's not the GPU fault because   adreno somehow are quite powerful. With this app you can even play THD games just by selecting its plugin.

Where to download?

FREE from market aka play store. Just search for Chainfire3d. I'm using the free version for couple of months. Pro version is more unstable and dont blame me if your device got bricked using that. My friends Sgs2 got black screen when trying the pro version.

After download CF3D, what should I do?

Open the app and choose install.
There will be a warning and just ignore it. Dont read it if you got small level of courage.
Your phone will go black screen for few seconds and reboot itself.

How To install plugin?

1)Download the plugins :
Mediafire  |  Jumbofiles  |  UFile
2)Extract it and put the files in your phone's Internal USB/Storage
3) Open the Chainfire app and select "install plugins" and click on all of them
4) Re-open Chainfire and go to "Default OpenGL Settings" and select "Use plugin" with the plugin you need
5) DONE!!

1) Use Qualcomm or Nvidia plugin as default ...recomendded Qualcomm plugin
2)Use PowerVR plugin for any games or application that need high graphic peformance and better resolution...(per-App OpenGL Settings)
3) Don't us PowerVR plugin as default plugin ,if not your GPU will take some damage.

How to Install PAPAGO X5 (Cracked) on Any Android Phones

PAPAGO! X5 is a GPS software. With the PAPAGO! X5 you can transform your device into a professional navigation system. 

- Does not need internet connection
- Easy Navigation and friendly interface

How to Install PAPAGO X5 (Cracked) on Any Android Phones ?

1. Download Part 1  Part 2  Part 3  Part 4  Part 5
    This is the Malaysia Map. So, if you not Malaysian, please download the Map from here or other  site.
2. Extract the downloaded file.
    The zip-file contain :
    a) NaviSEA folder
    b) PAPAGO_X5SEA_0806_WWEMarket.apk
3. Download libpapago
4. Extract libpapago and copy to the NaviSEA folder.
5. Copy NaviSEA folder to USB Storage.
6. Copy PAPAGO_X5SEA_0806_WWEMarket.apk too.
7. Install PAPAGO_X5SEA_0806_WWEMarket.apk and Enjoy.

Best Games for Your Android Phone

Will be update from time to time.

1. Download any paid Apps or Games for free using Blackmarket Alpha - Download Blackmarket

2. Blood and glory
3. Cross court tennis
4. Guns and glory
5. Tank Fury 3D
6. Samurai II
7. Need For Speed Shift
8. Angry bird Rio
9. Camel's Kitchen
10. Move It
11. Tap Tap 4
12. Heavy Gunner
13. Blow up
14. Mahjong
15. Racing Motor
16. Speed Car
17. Greedy Spiders
18. Entity Sensor Pro
19. Where's my water   
20. NFS hot persuit   
21. Death worm   
22. Riptide GP
23. Fruit ninja THD
24. Drag Racing
25. Game Developer Story (Kairosoft) [2D Bussiness Simulation]
26. Mega Mall Story (Kairosoft) [2D Bussiness Simulation]
27. Falling Fred (Dedalord) [Gore and Fun Factor]
28. Real Racing 2 (EA) [Simulation]
29. Shine Runner (Vector Unit Inc) [Arcade Racing + nice graphics]
30. Skateboard Party (Ratrod Studio) [nice graphics ]
31. Sleepy Jack (SilverTree Media) [arcade shooter + nice graphics]
32. Modern Combat 3

Best Application for Your Android Phone

Will be update from time to time.

1. Download any paid Apps or Games for free using Blackmarket Alpha - Download Blackmarket

2. Root explorer(root only)
3. 2xBattery saver(iincrease battery life)
4. Barcode scaner(scan barcode & qdcode)
5. Papago(gps)
6. Vignette(you can use volume button to snap picture)
7. Paper camera(camera)
8. Foursquare
9. Dolphin browser HD(browser)
10. Battery saver antutu
11. Ringdroid(set any songs as ringtone)
12. YouDroid (youtube downloader)
13. MediaConverter
14. PicSay
15. Color Flashlight
16. AppZorter
17. Tubemate (download youtube videos)
18. Zedge (download ringtone, notification and wallpaper)
19. Touch retouch(edit your picture)
20. CamScanner (Scan documents, books page and etc)
21. Juicedefender Ultimate (increase Battery life)
22. Dropbox (save and share your file on the internet)
23. Camera360
24. Titanium backup
25. GO launcher ex
26. GO sms pro
27. Hidden lock
28. Whats App
29. Iphone Notification
30. Player Pro
31. Antutu Benhmark(test benchmark phone) 
32. 1 tap cleaner pro (clear cache)
33. Battery calibration
34. Sygic Navigator (gps)
35. Talk voice messenger
36. Voxer

Basic Tips & Trick for new user

1. Capture Screen = hold button menu and power button at the same time

2. Call and message = Open contact, slide the name to the left to message, to the right for call

3. Change brightness = hold your finger at notification/status bar and slide it to the right or left.

4. Mini Menu = click at the picture of any contacts you have and (call, video call, msg and edit contact will appear)

5. Silent Motion = settings>motion>motion activation (Silent your phone by turn it over)

6. Reset phone when 'hang' = Hold the power button until the phone turn off

7. Lock Screen = Press the power button once.

8. Dial *#*#4636#*#* for the info of your phone

9. How to change font style = Setting>display>screen display>font style

Go to this page by click here to learn more about your phone

How to Connect Samsung Galaxy to PC/Laptop

Method 1

1. Download KIES here and Install it in your PC.
2. Connect your phone to PC and Enjoy.

Method 2

1. Make sure your phone USB cable does not connect pc/laptop
2. Go to Settings > Wireless and Networks > USB Utilities > USB mass storage
3. Click "Connect storage to PC"
4. Connect your phone USB cable to PC
5. Click "Connect USB Storage"
6. You will see at "My Computer", There are 2 new mass storage device represent your USB Storage and External SD card.

Method 3 (USB mass storage)

1. Go to Setting > Application > Development > Enable USB debugging.
2. Connect your phone USB Cable to PC/Laptop
3. Slide your phone's notification/status bar.
4. Click USB connected.
5. Click Connect USB storage.

Download Sygic GPS Navigation v11.2.6 Full for Any Android Phones

Requirements: For Android version 2.1 and higher, supports App2SD

Overview: Sygic is the professional turn-by-turn GPS navigation app. Sygic boasts an intuitive interface: drag the map, pinch to zoom, change point of view using built-in compass and tap target square to choose action. Sygic is comfortable and safe with advanced routing is optimized for Real-Time Traffic and is packed with valuable content: maps with 3D view of cities and landscape that are updated for free, travel guides, and thousands of POIs in comprehensive categories!

Sygic: GPS Navigation 11.2.6

Powerful Navigation and Features
✓Turn by turn voice guided GPS navigation
✓3D cities and landscape
✓Spoken street names
✓Real-Time Traffic (available as a subscription at
✓Dynamic Lane Guidance™ and Signposts
✓Interactive map - tap on any street, POI or photo to choose action
✓Speed camera and speed limit display and audio warning
✓Visual notification of upcoming speed limit change
✓Build and save advanced routes with multiple waypoints
✓Edit routes or avoid parts of the route

Compatible to the Max
✓Hardware accelerated 3D rendering
✓Compass-assisted direction detection
✓Support for displays with high resolution and tablet display
✓Custom POI import and POI convertor at

Valuable Content and Intelligent Search
✓The latest TomTom maps stored on the phone for offline use
✓Free map updates
✓Free updates of speed limits, speed cameras and points of interest
✓Google Local Search™
✓Quick Search™ that searches everything from POIs to streets, accessible right from the map
✓Search for any street without knowing the name of city or suburb
✓Navigate Home, to Contacts, geotagged photos, POIs, postal codes, intersections or GPS coordinates

Fully Integrated Traffic
✓Extent of traffic jams displayed on the map
✓Estimated delay for each traffic jam
✓Automatic notification of new delays, recalculation and ETA adjustment
✓Call up a list of incidents on the route by tapping on the traffic status icon while viewing the map

Safety and User Comfort
✓SOS / Help button in Menu – Info
✓Road incident sharing and real-time incident notifications
✓Customizable navigation screen
✓Car audio integration using Bluetooth or cable
✓Stopwatch for your outdoor activities
✓Traveled routes statistics and altitude profiles in Travel Book
✓Pedestrian navigation
✓Facebook and Twitter integration
✓Friends on the map

What's in this version:
✓Search of house numbers in Germany and Czech Republic fixed
✓Latest maps with updated road coverage for Pakistan
✓Introducing Real-Time Traffic information for Singapore! Know what lies ahead with the first and only navigation app that features fully integrated traffic for Singapore. Available at

Download :
Sygic GPS Navigation v11.2.6 APK :
Download from
Download from Depositfiles
Download from Extabit

Base Files with English Voices & TTS :
Download from Depositfiles

Mirrors :
Download from

Base Files with Multi-language Voices & TTS :
Download from Depositfiles

PC Map Downloader :
Download from Extabit
Download from Mediafire

Installation Instructions:
1. Download and install the .apk
2. Download the Base Files(need not download if you're upgrading from v11.2.5) and desired Maps
3. Extract/unrar and copy the file 'Aura' (the base files) into the path /sdcard/
4. Extract/unrar the Maps (the resulting folder should read something like 'xxx.yy.2013.01')
5. Copy that into the path /sdcard/aura/maps/
6. If you would like to place the files in your external memory, follow these paths: /sdcard/external_sd/ and

7. Only for the FIRST time: Launch 'Sygic Downloader' that gets installed along with the app. You might

    have to download a small amount of data (~30 MB) for the first time. It verifies and should show 100%
    against the maps you have installed.
8. Close downloader and launch the app.
9. Please do not attempt to 'Activate' the product. Your app will go back to trial version if you do so.
OPTIONAL: You may use an email and password to log-in to Sygic when it prompts. You will get access to additional features like weather, etc. without affecting the app.
Happy navigating! :-)

If you find Greek interface, and if you don't know the language, here's the instructions:
Select the Options Button.
Select the 6th option(PuOmioec - this is the closest in english to the greek word).
Select the 5th option(Tottikoc - this is the closest in english to the greek word).
Select the first (Eyynvika) Item, then select the version of English you need.
Press '<-Back' all the way back to the main program.

How to Freeze Apps for All Android Phones

Why Freeze Apps ?
1. Increase battery life
2. Increase phone performance
and more.

How to Freeze Apps ?

1. You need to Root your phone. Click here to root if you havent root yet.
2. Download link2sd.
3. Open link2sd.
4. Long tap on any application you want to freeze and choose Freeze.

Here is a list of application you can safely Freeze.

Buddies Now
Digital Clock
Dual Clock
Game Hub
Home Screen Tips
News and Weather
Samsung Apps
SNS Disclaimer
Social Hub
Yahoo Finance

I would strongly suggest to NOT disable these apps:
Factory Test
Samsung account --> Important for mobile tracking services (if you use them in case you lose your phone). Disabling also causes an Force Close in settings.
SyncmIDS --> Disabling causes an error on every startup and a FC (force close) of your SMS messages explorer.
wssyncmlnps --> Important for the use of SMS

How to Install V6 SuperCharger with BEST config. for any phone


  • You must be root of course!
  • Root Explorer Installed
P.S. When Installing Programs, MAKE SURE Script Manager are installed on PHONE and NOT in the MicroSD Card

Step 1: Download and Install Busybox Installer
Run the Installer Busybox
(Select the version 1.18.2, the Version 1.18.3 or newer are VERY much a hassle with errors that should NOT be errors!)

Step 2: Download and Install Script Manager

After installing, run the app.
Press the MENU button and go to MORE and then in ADVANCED OPTIONS and now in CONFIG and leave the options marked exactly as shown in the screen below:

Step 3: Download the Script V6 SuperCharger Update 7 (From Original zeppelinrox V6 SuperCharger thread)
JumbofilesUFile  |  Box
Extract it and
Put it in the root of MicroSD card.

Step 4: Run the Script Manager

Open the ""

Check the options based on the picture below:

Now, Click Run on the top left of the screen to run the script!

It should look like the picture below after you click Run.

 Last Step :

- Firstly, choose the Scrolling text Speed, from 1 to 3

-Touch the screen and tap the number 6, Balanced 3, the best choice , and hit ENTER .... The script will work .... after finished, touch the screen again and tap the number 17 (maybe different for some phone), to exit, and press the HOME button.

- Reboot your phone. 
- Done

If there is no soft keyboard appear after you touch the screen when running the script at the Last Step, please Long tap anywhere at the screen and choose Input Method and select input method that working for you. I use Swipe.










U WILL SEE supercharger ALREADY applied!

How To flash Beats Audio Success Port To All Samsung Android 2.3 Smartphones

Why Beats Audio?
-The sounds will be more natural, playing with more clarity.

How To flash Beats Audio ?

1. You need to root your phone. Click here to root if you havent root yet.

2. You also need to install CWM. Click here to install CWM if you havent.
    Make a backup just in case.

3. Download :
Mediafire  |  UFile

4. Copy to USB Storage.

5. Turn off your phone and boot in CWM (Hold Volume up + Home button + Power button and release Power button after samsung logo appear) [It maybe different for some phone].

6. Choose from sdcard.

7. After that, reboot your phone and you Done.

How to install Custom Boot (bootanimation) for Rooted Phone

Warning: I am NOT RESPONSIBLE if you brick your phone..
Do this under your own risk

1. What it custom boot/bootanimation?
The flashy image when u boot up (power on) your phone.

2. Need root access to change it?
OF COURSE!! Click here to root if you haven't root your phone

3. How to change it from default Samsung (booring) bootanimation?

  • Dload any bootanimation you wish with 480x800 pixels size from web like this one.
    Click here to go to that site
  • Rename it to (Remember to use small letter 's')
  • Transfer to phone, copy/paste inside system/media. Replace (or backup 1st) original
  • Reboot.

4. Is there any EASIER way?
I use app 'absolute system'. You want the link?

5. It didn't change!!!
Because by default that app use It need to be renamed to Didn't I just told u above?

6. How?
  • Open root explorer, backup original bootanimation & samsungani at system/bin
  • Download .You will get 2 files.
  • Download - Mediafire  |  UFile
  • Replace the files at system/bin.
  • Change permission to Executable
    Permission should be rwxr_xr_x (r=read, w=write, x= executable)
  • Download any desired custom boot, rename it to
  • Copy to /system/media

7. My custom rom disabled custom boot (for faster boot time). I want to try this..
  • Manually, using root explorer.. go to /system. (Check permission to mount r/w)
  • Use any editor and edit build.prop
  • find debug.sf.nobootanimation = 1
  • Add # in front of the line so it become # debug.sf.nobootanimation = 1

8. I hate the annoying custom boot sound. How to disable it?
  • using root explorer go to system/etc
  • Find PowerOn.wav and rename it as PowerOn.wav.bak
  • Create new folder and name it as PowerOn.wav

How to flash/install CUSTOM ROM for Samsung Galaxy W GT-I8150

Before you can flash/install CUSTOM ROM for Samsung Galaxy W GT-I8150,
You need to :
1. Root your phone. Click here to root if you haven't yet.
2. Install ClockWorkMod (CWM). Click here to install it if you haven't yet.

How to flash/install CUSTOM ROM for Samsung Galaxy W GT-I8150 :

1. Download the rom you want to flash. Example: you can download this one.
2. Copy the zip file (the rom) to the USB Storage. If you downloaded the file in parts, you need to extract it (using 7zip) into only 1 zip.
3. Boot into ClockWorkMod ( Press volume up+menu+power button and release power button when samsung logo appear. )
4. [Optional] Backup your current ROM using nandroid (just in case).
5. Install the zip file (the rom) [choose the rom in the sd card]
6. Restart your phone.
7. Done.

First boot after install a rom usually takes longer than usual. So, please patiently wait.