MegaBassBeats - The Best Sound Enchantment

Disclaimer: I am in no way responsible for any damage caused to your system.

Recommended: Perform a NANDroid Backup first!

This MOD improves the sound output from phone's headphones.

- Much better than beats audio and SRS!!
- Clear sound!
- Ultra clear bass!
- Bass is clear even if its enchanced in DSP!
- Louderrr!!!!


1. Copy the .zip to sd card
2. Boot in to the recovery 
[For Galaxy W, turn off your phone. Then hold volume up + home button + power button and release power button as soon as samsung logo appears and wait till recovery menu appears to get into recovery mod]
3. Install .zip from sd card and choose this zip.


Download Beats Audio Music Player Theme for Any Android Phones

This is not a real Beats Audio.
This is just a theme for Music Player. Beats Audio theme for Music Player.
If you want to feel the real Beats Audio,
Click here on how to install Beats Audio in your phone.

Screenshots for Beats Audio Music Player :

How to install Beats Audio Music Player :

1. Download root explorer.

2. Download Beats Audio Music Player.

3. Open root explorer. Click Mount R/W at the top right.

4. Find MusicPlayer.apk you just downloaded. Copy and paste it in /system/app/ folder.

5. If it give you a warning about overwrite, just click overwrite.

6. Restart your phone. Done. :)

How to Calibrate Android Phone Battery after flashing a New ROM

Google eats up the battery a lot more than any other operating system because in Android there is continuous synchronization of data.

For those who love to change the ROMs on their phone often, you would be obsessed calibrating your phone’s battery very often. For those who have flashed their mobile handset with custom ROM, they are advised to charge their mobile phone to 100 % battery and then update the firmware. Suppose of if update the firmware if you have 50 % battery life, then the new custom ROM will consider you 50 % battery life as the full battery stats and thus it would provide you half the battery as specified by your phone manufacturer. In such cases the battery calibration is required to gain 100 % battery backup as specified and let us go through some of the basic calibration process.

Android Phone Battery Calibration

There are 4 different ways to calibrate your android phone battery.

Easy way is by using Battery Calibration App but you need to root your phone first before install this app.
Click here to root galaxy wonder. Others android phone users, google it for yourself.

3 Others way is by using ClockWorkMod Recovery.
Click here to install CWM for galaxy wonder. Others android phone users, google it for yourself.
Remember: To enter CWM recovery, turn off your phone. Then Hold volume up button + home button + power button. Wait until samsung logo appears and release power button but still hold volume up button and home button until it enter CWM recovery. 
The button to hold to enter CWM recovery maybe different in others android phone.

How to Calibrate Android Phone Battery using Battery Calibration App.

1. Download Battery Calibration App from here.
2. Install the app.
3. Plugin your charger to the phone.
4. Wait until it charges to 100%
5. Click the option of ‘Battery Calibrate
6. Now, unplug your phone.

Calibrate using The Battery Drain Way –
  • Drain your phone battery until its fully dead or till it switches off automatically.
  • Now charge your phone normally to the full battery.
  • You must have Clock Work Recovery app installed on your phone, you should reboot to clock work recovery and then wipe the battery stats found under the “Advanced” option and then reboot the phone.
  • Now you should look out the ways to quickly drain out your battery now. So better turn on Bluetooth, Wi-Fi hotspot, Wi-Fi, flashlight, camera to make your battery again dead.
  • Now charge your phone normally to the full and you are ready to get extra battery life added to your phone.
Calibrate using Power OFF Charge Method –
  • In the Power OFF method you would be charging your phone to 100 % when it’s ON.
  • Unplug the charger from the phone, Power off your phone and then charge it up to 100 % again when it’s on power OFF state.
  • Now again unplug the charger from phone. Power it ON and then charge it again to 100 % while the phone is ON.
  • Unplug the charger and then reboot the phone using the Clock Work Recovery.
  • In Clock Work Recovery options, go to Advanced and then select the wipe battery stats options.
  • Power ON and charge the mobile to full, enjoy.

Get iOS5 Looks, Theme & Layout on Android with Espier Launcher

If you love the user interface of iOS and on the otherside you would like to keep up with flexibility that Android has, can both be combined?
The answer is yes now thanks to Espier Launcher which has just been landed in Android world. You just need to download the Espier Launcher Android apps. When the apps is launched on your phone and installed, it will provide you the tutorial on how would you use it on your phone. There is 3 steps tutorial click on Skip to skip that process. Once that is done you get the amazing looks as that which is seen on the Apple iOS operating system. Here are some of the screen captures of this app as seen on my handset -

This app gives you similar desktop layout and icons of the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S’s iOS operating system. Other than the icons, remaining things remains the same on your phone. You can slide your fingers from the screen bottom to top and then go into the task bar by holding the task bar, press and hold the icon to vibrate and then tap. If you want to open or close multiple system functions then slide the task bar to the right onto your system function switch area.

Espier Launcher App Download

Get Ice Cream Sandwich Theme on Android Phones with ICS Wallpapers

Get Ice Cream Sandwich Theme on Android Phones with ICS Wallpapers.

  • New graphics for action bar!
  • Themed search widget!
  • Honeycomb system icons! (placeholder)
  • Wallpapers to complete the look
  • ADW Theme support
  • Launcher Pro theme support (limited to icons)
  • Go Launcher EX theme support
  • Support for Desktop Visualizer
  • Support for Folder Organizer

This theme would completely replicate all the icons of the Android 4.0 system and also give you a real experience on how the new OS would be. You need an Launcher or ADW Theme to run the application following which you need to tap on the ‘Apply Theme’ option to enable it. You can also tap on the ‘View Wallpapers’ option to check out the other walls which come preloaded with this.

Ice Cream Sandwich Theme Download

How to Block Ads on Android Phone Applications

Ads on sites can be rendered easily on your Android handset. The mobile ad size likes 728 x 90, 336 x 280 takes a precious ads slot or space especially when your screen is small and mobile phone are atmost 4 inches in size. So ads on your mobile can break your nerves and you would be looking to remove those ads. If yes, and if you are here, then you are right place for a right reference.
Ad Free is an Android application which serves the purpose of blocking ads on your Android browser. 
This app only works for rooted phones and if you are one those who has that handset then Ad Free is free for you to install.
Click here to root your galaxy wonder. For other android phones, google it.
So if your intention to block ads on your mobile then go ahead with this app.
This application known as AdFree Android.

AdFree Download
How to install AdFree ?
1. Download AdFree from link above
2. Install on your android phone
3. Click Download and install host
4. Done :)

How to Use Android Mobile as Webcam for PC – Wi-Fi & USB Mode

IP Webcam for Android.

IP Webcam is an Android App which can do wonders for you. It turns your phone into a wireless camera with multiple viewing options. The camera can be viewed in VLC Media player or any web browser on any platform. It’s a personal suggestion that you go with Google Chrome rather than with Internet Explorer.
Now without the need of your front facing camera you can use your primary camera located on the rear side with Skype, Chatroulette and other video chat software’s for video streaming but its limited for Windows only. But usage for the large time will dry up your battery within no time and Android mobile phone consumes more battery makes it more limited.
IP Webcam supports Windows, Mac and Linux. It works like a charm on most of the mobile phone and it gets 4 star rating in official Android Marketplace. The IP Webcam is ideal for short time use like keep an eye on your pets when you are in another room.

Regardless of platform, you can open the video streaming on any PC or laptop by opening the address provided when you install this app provided you connect only within the same network.
Did you know that you can even also expose this webcam on internet. For doing that you need to know the external IP and read your router’s documentation on port forwarding. This would enable to view video streaming from any PC anywhere.
IP Webcam Download

Download Microsoft on{x} Android App to Remotely Automate & Control Tasks

Smartphone are integral part of our life and we use it not just for communications but we use them properly for everything like camera, calendar, camcorder and our connection to the web. 

Every day we use different applications to get the things done but it’s not always easy to find the right one. Microsoft has finally taken a step forward on something related to Android by unveiling a new Android application and other sets of API through the On{X} app which opens endless possibilities as said by Microsoft developers behind this brain.
On a bitter note the smartphones of Microsoft powered with Windows Phone OS wouldn’t be able to access this feature.

On{X} is both Android application and a website and you can remotely program your phone to perform actions and event happening in your daily life. For example you can program your On{X} application to automatically sent text message to your wife or husband that you will be late. Now the task would be automated of sending a message to your dear ones. On the website of On{X} you can find several API’s for several automated tasks. One of the most useful of these API’s is the mode of transport which is the ability to detect whether user is walking, running or driving car. For example you can perform your phone to automatically remember the parking spot when the mode of Transport changes from driving to walking.
While you are writing the scripts this does require some of the programming skills and knowledge. All these skills and API Javascript are available at Microsoft On{X} app site called recipes. The users can manage their recipes and they can even write their own recipes as well. Once you install this application you should be login with Facebook and this application is still under beta consideration. The application is right now available for download from here.

Click here to download Microsoft on{x}

How to Know ALL your WiFi Password in Android

This Tutorial is not about how to hack wifi from your android devices, but how to know all your wifi password that you been connect/connected before.
1st thing 1st!
-Your phone must be rooted. Click here to root your Wonder if you still havent.
-Root Explorer or any other explorer that have root access (ES File Manager, Super Manager, etc)! Download root explorer:
UFile  Steps on how to do it:
1) Open Root Explorer (or any other file explorer) 2) Go to this directory 'data/misc/wifi' 3) You will find such this file 'wpa_supplicant.conf' 4) If you are using Root Explorer, open it and show it in text form 5) You will now see all your historical wifi password 6) It is located under the 'SSID', after 'psk' or 'wep_key0' is your password.
*if your file explorer opens from '/mnt/sdcard', press back twice to go to the root

How to Increase your Android Phone Performance

This post is about How to Increase your Android Phone Performance using TweakZ

This is a zip file that contains all (most) of the tweaks availablein XDA forums. It's so amazing.There is no risk of bricking or something else as it only contains some scripts that execute at boot.
Benefits after flashing the zip:
- Vm management memory tweaks so that your apps perform better

- The Loopy smoothness tweak that tweaks your launcher and system UI 
- Zippaligning and Verify-Bytecode tweak fore More free and Less RAM

- SD card tweak for better read/write speed
- Kernel tweaks for more battery life and slightly more performance!

- Less lag in phone calls 
- Better scrolling in contacts/menus/folders/homescreen
- Smoother live wallpapers!!
- System_server from android 4.0 for efficient system funcionality and

- System processes priority tweaks (phone,sms etc..)Makes switching
   between them faster!!

- Build.prop tweaking script for battery/performance etc...
- Optimized sqlite and I/O tweaks for better quadrant scores/other
   benchmarking apps


How to Install/Flash this tweak :

Download the latest version of TweakZ below
Download TweakZV6 :
Direct Download
2. Place the downloaded zip file into
sd_card [not external_sd]

Off your phone and boot into recovery mode. [CWM much easier]
Click here to install CWM for Galaxy Wonder.
If you use other that Wonder, than you need to google for yourself to install CWM for your phone.

4. Choose
Install Zip from sd card.

Apply the downloaded zip file and reboot.

6. Done. :)

Info: This TweakZ is now on version 6. If there is a new update about this tweak, I will update this post for the newer version of TweakZ.

Scan Receipts, Bills, Business Cards & Save as PDF on Android

CamScanner can be used to scan Receipt, Bill, Tax Roll, Business Card, Membership Card, VIP card, Agreement, PPT and Whiteboard, Note, Memo, Script, Letter, Books, Magazines, Newspaper, Poster, Coupon, Courier Sheet, Resumes and any other documents.
CamScanner Features
It has the following set of features -
  • Batch Scan Documents : It allows you to take pictures of multi-page documents and you can scan up to 3 images per batch.
  • Auto Crop and Auto Enhance Image : It has smart image processing technology which can auto detect edges of images, auto enhance image and auto crop it. The option of color enhancement is also provided.
  • Create & Share Multi Size PDF files : You can create PDF files in more than 10 different sizes and formats including A4, B5, user custom and auto fit to the proper size.
  • Backup Documents: It can back up and restore your documents in your SD card.
  • Manage Scanned Files : Managing your scanned documents is easy in file list or thumbnail view, tag, merge and delete files or pages.
With so many features and free to download app, you would love to use this app.

CamScanner Download

Click here to download CamScanner for free

How to Increase internet speed in Any Android Phone

You need to root your phone to do this trick.
For Galaxy Wonder users, click here to root if you haven't root your phone.
This Trick works in any rooted android phones.

You need root explorer to do this trick.

Download root explorer:

How to increase internet speed in android?
Follow steps below to increase your internet speed.1. Open root explorer
2. Find system folder and open it.
3. Tick R/W (read/write) at the top right of the app.
4. Find "build.prop" file in the system folder.
5. Long tap at the "build.prop" file and choose open as text editor.
6. Copy all the code below and paste it at the bottom of the build.prop file.

#signal tweak

#network tweak
net.tcp.buffersize.default=4096,87380,256960,4096, 16384,256960
net.tcp.buffersize.wifi=4096,87380,256960,4096,163 84,256960
net.tcp.buffersize.umts=4096,87380,256960,4096,163 84,256960
net.tcp.buffersize.gprs=4096,87380,256960,4096,163 84,256960
net.tcp.buffersize.edge=4096,87380,256960,4096,163 84,256960

Warning :
Do not open "build.prop" file in notepad or any program in your computer because it can mess up the code in the build.prop file and brick your phone.