Get Windows Phone 7 WP7 Look on Android Phones

The Zune like interface of the Windows Phone 7 phones has always gained a lot of fans due to its simplicity and the blending of the colors with the icons in the interface. Many a times even the Android users would like to have that interface on their Android phones.

There are a few third party applications for the Android devices that would help in making the interface of the Android phones better, but still nothing could have made the phone look like the Windows Phone 7 device. The Launcher 7 App for Android does that.

This app tries to replicate the Windows Phone 7 launcher into the high-end android devices, and all that comes in the Windows Phone 7 launcher, appears on the Android phone without any glitch.

Just like what you see on the Windows Phone, the home screen shows with large icons of Phone, Browser, Messages,
Photos etc. and then the actual apps are listed on another screen that can be accessed by swiping the screen to the right, or pressing the right arrow just beside the large icons on the top.

If you wish to have any application as a large shortcut on the main screen, you just need to long press the app and a new screen would appear with option to set the app icon on the main screen.
You can customize the size to 1×1, 2×1 etc. and the Launcher 7 even has a set of icons that you use or else use the applications’ default icons.

The Launcher 7 is worth a try, and so there is a free version which has ads on the Applications page, and there is even a paid version without any ads.

Download links :

Install the Launcher 7 Free Version - Click here to download free version

Install the Launcher 7 Paid / Donate Version (Cracked)
Download Lancher 7 Donate Version: