Download Sygic GPS Navigation v11.2.6 Full for Any Android Phones

Requirements: For Android version 2.1 and higher, supports App2SD

Overview: Sygic is the professional turn-by-turn GPS navigation app. Sygic boasts an intuitive interface: drag the map, pinch to zoom, change point of view using built-in compass and tap target square to choose action. Sygic is comfortable and safe with advanced routing is optimized for Real-Time Traffic and is packed with valuable content: maps with 3D view of cities and landscape that are updated for free, travel guides, and thousands of POIs in comprehensive categories!

Sygic: GPS Navigation 11.2.6

Powerful Navigation and Features
✓Turn by turn voice guided GPS navigation
✓3D cities and landscape
✓Spoken street names
✓Real-Time Traffic (available as a subscription at
✓Dynamic Lane Guidance™ and Signposts
✓Interactive map - tap on any street, POI or photo to choose action
✓Speed camera and speed limit display and audio warning
✓Visual notification of upcoming speed limit change
✓Build and save advanced routes with multiple waypoints
✓Edit routes or avoid parts of the route

Compatible to the Max
✓Hardware accelerated 3D rendering
✓Compass-assisted direction detection
✓Support for displays with high resolution and tablet display
✓Custom POI import and POI convertor at

Valuable Content and Intelligent Search
✓The latest TomTom maps stored on the phone for offline use
✓Free map updates
✓Free updates of speed limits, speed cameras and points of interest
✓Google Local Search™
✓Quick Search™ that searches everything from POIs to streets, accessible right from the map
✓Search for any street without knowing the name of city or suburb
✓Navigate Home, to Contacts, geotagged photos, POIs, postal codes, intersections or GPS coordinates

Fully Integrated Traffic
✓Extent of traffic jams displayed on the map
✓Estimated delay for each traffic jam
✓Automatic notification of new delays, recalculation and ETA adjustment
✓Call up a list of incidents on the route by tapping on the traffic status icon while viewing the map

Safety and User Comfort
✓SOS / Help button in Menu – Info
✓Road incident sharing and real-time incident notifications
✓Customizable navigation screen
✓Car audio integration using Bluetooth or cable
✓Stopwatch for your outdoor activities
✓Traveled routes statistics and altitude profiles in Travel Book
✓Pedestrian navigation
✓Facebook and Twitter integration
✓Friends on the map

What's in this version:
✓Search of house numbers in Germany and Czech Republic fixed
✓Latest maps with updated road coverage for Pakistan
✓Introducing Real-Time Traffic information for Singapore! Know what lies ahead with the first and only navigation app that features fully integrated traffic for Singapore. Available at

Download :
Sygic GPS Navigation v11.2.6 APK :
Download from
Download from Depositfiles
Download from Extabit

Base Files with English Voices & TTS :
Download from Depositfiles

Mirrors :
Download from

Base Files with Multi-language Voices & TTS :
Download from Depositfiles

PC Map Downloader :
Download from Extabit
Download from Mediafire

Installation Instructions:
1. Download and install the .apk
2. Download the Base Files(need not download if you're upgrading from v11.2.5) and desired Maps
3. Extract/unrar and copy the file 'Aura' (the base files) into the path /sdcard/
4. Extract/unrar the Maps (the resulting folder should read something like 'xxx.yy.2013.01')
5. Copy that into the path /sdcard/aura/maps/
6. If you would like to place the files in your external memory, follow these paths: /sdcard/external_sd/ and

7. Only for the FIRST time: Launch 'Sygic Downloader' that gets installed along with the app. You might

    have to download a small amount of data (~30 MB) for the first time. It verifies and should show 100%
    against the maps you have installed.
8. Close downloader and launch the app.
9. Please do not attempt to 'Activate' the product. Your app will go back to trial version if you do so.
OPTIONAL: You may use an email and password to log-in to Sygic when it prompts. You will get access to additional features like weather, etc. without affecting the app.
Happy navigating! :-)

If you find Greek interface, and if you don't know the language, here's the instructions:
Select the Options Button.
Select the 6th option(PuOmioec - this is the closest in english to the greek word).
Select the 5th option(Tottikoc - this is the closest in english to the greek word).
Select the first (Eyynvika) Item, then select the version of English you need.
Press '<-Back' all the way back to the main program.


  1. may i know how to install it on my galaxy s3?

    1. LOL. I'm not even realize that i dont even write the instruction.
      You can read the instruction above. :)

  2. base file link is dead...can u fix it? tq :)

    1. both base file links still working...
      but i will mirror the links just in case

  3. can i load it in my samsung galaxy w... ?

    1. yes.. it works for all phone

    2. how to make this installer in eng..

    3. read above post carefully.
      I already mention it in the post.

  4. After place in external sd card it dont work. Anything i miss out here

  5. Does Sygic drains battery like papago , which do you recommend?

  6. PC Map Downloader links are both offline :(

  7. pc map downloader link is offline!

  8. hi all,m from Pakistan, i want to download and install sygic in my galaxy s3. i have already tried it but it is a trial version, if some one plz guide me how to download and install a cracked version, and i want the step by step procedure, looking for ur cooperation and thanx plz

    1. Dumb ass can't u read above? Daalkhoor paki

  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. From my experience using sygic (ori) on SGW not so good. It tends to make the phone freeze and have to take out the battery to unfreeze the phone. Usually it freeze after use it more than 30 minutes. To occasionally avoid the freeze, phone must be restarted prior using the sygic.

    Tried Papago M9 for couple of hours few days ago and no freezing. And papago msia map are more detail than sygic. Features wise, sygic is much better than papago.

  11. map cant download, seems like removed... please help! can it be installed in galaxy note 2? thanks much.

  12. Sygic GPS Navigation 11.2.6 full AKP new download link

  13. I installed on galaxy s3, but when i run it, it shows a black screen and overload the phone and i have to end it from the task manager.
    Any solution for this issue?

  14. After completing the installation, I run the sygic and configure the lang and so on. Finally sygic closed suddently. Now It closes automatically everytime I run the application. I am using an Asus eEpad transformet TF300.
    Any hint?

  15. Please restore Files with Multi-language Voices & TTS...

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