Securely Monitor and Manage Your Computers from Android, iPhone, iPad or Windows Phone 7

"PC Monitor" is a free and small application which allows you to monitor and manage your computer right from your iPhone, iPad, Android phone or Windows Phone 7. The monitoring process is very secure and uses SSL connection for both computer and mobile device.

You simply need to install the free software on your computer which you want to monitor and then you can monitor it using your mobile device with the help of the small PC Monitor app.

You can monitor almost everything of your PC. You can check RAM and CPU usage, you can view hard disk content, services list. You can even view all logged in users.

It also allows you to control processes, scheduled tasks, etc on the computer system. In fact, you can log off, restart, hibernate or shut down the system remotely.

Features List:
  • View the status and uptime of all computers
  • View the current CPU usage and usage history chart
  • View the current available memory and usage history chart
  • View the external IP address and the location on the map using GeoIP
  • View the status and browse the local hard disks
  • View the services status
  • View running processes
  • View event logs
  • View the scheduled tasks status
  • View all logged in users (local and remote)
  • View hardware details like temperatures and fan speeds
  • Start, pause, continue and stop a service
  • Kill a process
  • Start and stop a scheduled task
  • Log off any logged in user (local or remote)
  • Command prompt support
  • Restart, wake up, shutdown, power off, suspend or send the computer into hibernation
  • Check and install Windows updates
  • Get notified when a computer goes offline
  • Get notified when a computer starts up, shuts down, suspends or resumes
  • Get notified when a computer battery level is low
It supports Windows XP, Vista and 7. Also Windows Server 2003, 2008 and 2008 R2 are supported.
The free version allows you to monitor up to 3 computers.

You can download it using following link:

Download link