Protect SMS, Gallery, Facebook with Face Recognition App

By downloading Visidon AppLock app on your Android mobile phone you would be adding a security level on your mobile. It’s a security app which protects with face recognition means you instead of normal password for the apps or galleries or files, you would be using your face to unlock those files.

The very good thing which I liked about this app is it can choose to protect anything, i.e., it can lock itself. This setting is for the much secured users who would like to have advanced task manager and this application does that.

Under the settings options of this app you find a lot of options to set lock on files. The setting covers setting up a normal password, face recognition password mode and option to set security level. Also setting for the camera too available under the settings tabs.

This app uses the front camera on your mobile device and its compatible with Android 2.3 Gingerbread OS supported mobiles. 
That filters out the usage of the mobile as this app will not work for the devices which runs the Android Froyo 2.2 and also it will not work for those devices which doesn’t have a front camera.

Download Visidon AppLock :


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