How to get Google Chrome to any Android Phone


1. Google Chrome browser
2. Android Smartphone
3. Google Account

Step by step procedure:

1. Install Google Chrome in your PC.
2. Install extension "Google Chrome to Phone" for your Google Chrome in your PC. Search the extension using google.
3. Then, Download and install this chrometophone to your Android phone.
Download chrometophone :
Jumbofiles  | UFile
4. After install it to your phone. Go to your google chrome browser and click on Gear Icon at the top right corner of the browser and click the phone icon. It will ask you to sign in to your google account. Make sure it is the same account you sign in for your phone.
5. Congratulations, you are successfully configured google to chrome in your android device. :)


  1. i dont get download that chrometophone for phone --'

    1. thanks for mention it. reuploaded.. mediafire link

  2. hi, Hunter, the mediafire link is suspended. Can you reupload it? Thanks.

  3. This is chrome to phone. Not Google chrome...

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