How to Connect Samsung Galaxy to PC/Laptop

Method 1

1. Download KIES here and Install it in your PC.
2. Connect your phone to PC and Enjoy.

Method 2

1. Make sure your phone USB cable does not connect pc/laptop
2. Go to Settings > Wireless and Networks > USB Utilities > USB mass storage
3. Click "Connect storage to PC"
4. Connect your phone USB cable to PC
5. Click "Connect USB Storage"
6. You will see at "My Computer", There are 2 new mass storage device represent your USB Storage and External SD card.

Method 3 (USB mass storage)

1. Go to Setting > Application > Development > Enable USB debugging.
2. Connect your phone USB Cable to PC/Laptop
3. Slide your phone's notification/status bar.
4. Click USB connected.
5. Click Connect USB storage.


  1. my galaxy 3 mobile is not getting connected to pc what would be the problem

  2. please help! I've got a Samsung Galaxy Pocket and I've tried so many methods to get my phone to talk to the computer. I've downloaded Kies and it dosen't work. When I try to turn "mass storage" on but it says "USB is connected. Renove the cable". What does this mean?

  3. Hi,

    I can connect it before, using all of this method.

    But after I try to configure my phone for tethering, the USB storage Mass can not be connected to my PC anymore.

    Appreciate if you can help and advise me. (I'm using galaxy W)


  4. hi..Im student from Informatics engineering, this article is very informative, thanks for sharing :)

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