How to install Custom Boot (bootanimation) for Rooted Phone

Warning: I am NOT RESPONSIBLE if you brick your phone..
Do this under your own risk

1. What it custom boot/bootanimation?
The flashy image when u boot up (power on) your phone.

2. Need root access to change it?
OF COURSE!! Click here to root if you haven't root your phone

3. How to change it from default Samsung (booring) bootanimation?

  • Dload any bootanimation you wish with 480x800 pixels size from web like this one.
    Click here to go to that site
  • Rename it to (Remember to use small letter 's')
  • Transfer to phone, copy/paste inside system/media. Replace (or backup 1st) original
  • Reboot.

4. Is there any EASIER way?
I use app 'absolute system'. You want the link?

5. It didn't change!!!
Because by default that app use It need to be renamed to Didn't I just told u above?

6. How?
  • Open root explorer, backup original bootanimation & samsungani at system/bin
  • Download .You will get 2 files.
  • Download - Mediafire  |  UFile
  • Replace the files at system/bin.
  • Change permission to Executable
    Permission should be rwxr_xr_x (r=read, w=write, x= executable)
  • Download any desired custom boot, rename it to
  • Copy to /system/media

7. My custom rom disabled custom boot (for faster boot time). I want to try this..
  • Manually, using root explorer.. go to /system. (Check permission to mount r/w)
  • Use any editor and edit build.prop
  • find debug.sf.nobootanimation = 1
  • Add # in front of the line so it become # debug.sf.nobootanimation = 1

8. I hate the annoying custom boot sound. How to disable it?
  • using root explorer go to system/etc
  • Find PowerOn.wav and rename it as PowerOn.wav.bak
  • Create new folder and name it as PowerOn.wav


  1. i did like you said and i get a black animation nothing more

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