How to Listen to FM Radio in CM9 and CM10

Everyone keep asking me on How to Listen to FM Radio (offline radio) in CM9 or CM10 ?
So, here's how to do that.

This app works for every phone running CM9 or CM10.

1. You need to download Spirit FM Radio. This is an offline radio. So, no internet connection needed.
Click here to download Spirit FM Radio Unlocked. You can save channel in this version of spirit fm since this version is fully unlocked

2. Install it. Open Settings in Spirit FM.

3. Go to Regional Band. Choose your country. If your country is not listed, you can select World.
Now you can listen to FM Radio. :)

Here is some screenshots of Spirit FM Radio Unlocked in CM10 :

Spirit FM Radio Unlocked :
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  2. Please make sure that your Headphones are plugged in during installation
    the App will try searching for an Antenna, and if your head set is not connected then it may generate an error.