How to Boost your Android Phone Performance Part 4

 How to Boost your Android Phone Performance Part 4 using Adrenaline Boost
This script (Adrenaline Boost) act like an nitro boost for your Android Phone.
It helps you to clear your system cache, get more free ram for you and gravely boost your phone's performance !

How it works?
Your phone's ram usage will get higher and higher everyday then you will find your phone become an @ss because it's turtle speed and only reboot fix this problem.
Our android os create system cache everyday, but after one day or so, those old caches are not longer in use but the os continuously create newer cache that's why the ram get heavier and heavier everyday !
Adrenaline Boost help you to clear those caches ! So you won't have to reboot again !

Screenshot :
Before Memory Free : 44.1172 MB
After Memory Free : 95.9102 MB
Memory Freed : 51.793 MB

What you need:
Properly Rooted Device

Terminal Emulator (Available in Google Play Store)

How To Install ?
1) Download from the attachment below
2) Put into your sdcard
3) Reboot into CWM
4) Mounts /system
5) Flash it
6) Reboot

How to Use It?
1) Open terminal emulator
2) Type :

 Download :  Mediafire | Free Direct Link  Mediafire | Free Direct Link  Mediafire | Free Direct Link

How to uninstall ?
Reboot cwm, mount /system and install THIS (Mediafire | Free Direct Link) from sdcard. 

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  1. Does it work on ICS (CM9 Build 3) ?!!

  2. everyday the phone's ram usage gets higher and higher even if you reboot it?

    did i get it right?

  3. Install which one? V1 or V2 or V3??

  4. So it will free up RAM automatically?

    1. no,u have to open up the terminal emulator and type su boost

    2. Thanks for your answer. But what's the point?

  5. did i have to download all those v's?

  6. Can I use this , Adrenaline Engine ,tweakz and geeky engine?

  7. sorry but i cant used terminal emulator .anyway used it ! i can flash but cant used :(

    1. make sure you mount /system before flash it

  8. Well, i gues its not work for me

    $ boost
    clear: not found
    = Adrenaline Boost V3 =

    free: not found
    awk: not found

    Working./system/bin/boost: cannot create /proc/sys/vm/drop_caches: permission denied
    .[: not found
    Error When Boosting !

    1. i also get the same situation like u..cmon to fix it..i've already follow all the instruction...

    2. Same here...
      Help, anyone?

    3. Found and fixed the problem: just install BusyBox from Goole Play and you're done!
      Hope this helps...

  9. After flash a new rom, is it necessary to do this again?

  10. I have to post something here for anyone else that thought this blog seemed a little suspect (I think it's the grammar). As a precaution, I tried it on my friend's old Samsung Vibrant first-then eventually my own. After following the instructions exactly, here's what I saw in Terminal:

    - Adrenaline Boost V3 -

    Free Memory (Before Boost) : 2.79688 MB

    [ -=|Adrenaline Boosted|=- ]

    Free Memory (After Boost) : 81.6523 MB

    I exited the app and immediately noticed the difference, ADW launcher was shuffling through the home screen and scrolling through the app drawer like I just put a new rom on. Well worth the discovery even though I was actually looking up how to stop my phone from overheating. Hope that helps.

  11. What does the word (mount/system) means?
    please help me.....

  12. error when downloading from mediafire

  13. is it only for android 2.3.x? or still can do if using android 4.0?

  14. yes with busybox i can fix the error founding ... !!

  15. Tq dude...I am very proud with ur effort :)

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