AC!D Audio Technology v2.0 for CM9 Based

AC!D Audio Technology v2.0

Be sure you are on a CYANOGEN (9-10) or AOKP based ROM (if it's not the case you may end in bootloop)

This MOD is Specially build to enhance sound quality on Your headset, earphone, headphone and on your speaker.

You'll have overall better Bass
A better sound quality (specially on basic headset)
An overall clearer sound (less distortion and bad noise)
A better compatibility with good headphone (special preset for headphone)
No more bad sound on speaker, sound will be clear and volume higher on some device
really better sound on video recording
more sound frequencies for a better experience

Ported several audio technology:
- Beats Audio by Dr Dre (Powerfull bass)
- Clearbass Sound by Sony (Clear Bass)
- Xloud by SonyEricsson (higher sound volume and clearer sound on speaker)
- Dolby Digital Sound (Equalizer enhancer bass setting and Surround setting)
- Surround Sound (Deeper bass and reduction of bass distortion plus Eq setting support)
- Alsa by Walkman (Audio resampling and driver activation for android phone)
- Dynamic Bass by Walkman (more Bass frequence and better bass support)
- DSP Manager by Cyanogen Team (Eq setting support overall more powerfull sound)
- Audio resampling from Sony Xperia T (NEW!)
- Clearbass audio setting from Xperia T (NEW! Bass even clearer and deeper than before!)
- Sony Walkman Player ( NEW! now with Xperia V style!)

Download AC!D Audio Technology v2.0 :

Mediafire  |  Free Direct Link

How to Install AC!D Audio Technology v2.0 :

1. Download UltimateSound from the link above
2. Download Walkman player addon (only if you need it)
3. Put it in your SDCard
4. COPY audio_effect.conf file located in system/etc into your SDcard (you might

    need this file in case of no sound issue)
5. Reboot into Recovery
6. BACKUP your System!!!
7. If you flashed any of previous soundmod release reflash your ROM or restore a

    backup without any SoundMOD (only way to be sure there is on issue at all)
8. Flash UltimateSound.
9. Reboot

"In case of bootloop restore your backup"
"If you don't have any Sound try replacing audio_effect.conf located in system/etc by the one you saved previously" Once rebooted check if following lines have been added to your build.prop:

#XSIncredibleBass config by R-ik
#ALSA Driver Activation
(if it's not the case do it manually)
Done, Enjoy the awesomeness of Music!


  1. im on cmb3 (preinstalled dsp manager), geeky, and forfivo kernel, with modded theme..

    would this mean chaos if i flash this sound mod?

    i mean would there be any interference between dsp and this one?


    1. Well, you need to disable dsp manager first in setting > manage apps.

  2. which 1better between dsp manager and acid audio?

    1. For me, dsp manager is better. Acid is also among the best in providing a better audio.
      You can try both of them and decide for yourself.

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