How to Improve your Android Phone Performance Part 2

How to Increase your Android Phone Performance (Part 2) using Geeky Engine

Features :

Some xbin tweaks
Many init.d tweaks
Many ddefault.prop tweaks
VM Tweaks
SD card tweak
Better Battery Life through Battery Tweaks
Reduced /dbdata, /data, /sdcard usage of *.db files and faster database access. | World first smart sqlite optimizing
Increase touchscreen sensitivity
much of prop tweaks
CWM Flashable
Less lags through LMK Tweak and Various VM Tweaks
Almost every tweaks for Android

How to install :

1. Download Engine
Mediafire | Direct Download
2. Place in SD
3. Goto recovery
4. Make a Nandroid backup. Just in case.
5. Flash ' Geeky_Engine_By_Forever_King '
6. Reboot
7. DOne

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  1. Hi..
    How do i know that i successfully installed the script and more importantly, how do i know that the script is running? I can see that there is init.d folder in my device.

    1. Try to multitasking..
      Open an app, press middle button. Open other app, press middle button. Repeat it for about 5-6 apps. Should be no lag at all.

  2. What happen if I flashed this and tweakz?

    1. improve your phone performance of course..
      better than stock

  3. How to remove this script? Just delete the init.d folder?

  4. can this flash this, tweakz, and Adrenaline Engine?

  5. how the ways to makes the nandroid back up?what happens if i didnot do it?will it improve my phone performance if i flash this with tweakz?

    1. nandroid backup is just in case anything happen. for example, bootloop or stuck at samsung logo. so, if this things happen, you just need to restore the backup.
      but, as far as i know, still none user who get bootloop or stuck at samsung logo. so, i think, it's safe to flash it like usual without nandroid backup.

  6. After flash a new rom, is it necessary to do this again?