How to Know ALL your WiFi Password in Android

This Tutorial is not about how to hack wifi from your android devices, but how to know all your wifi password that you been connect/connected before.
1st thing 1st!
-Your phone must be rooted. Click here to root your Wonder if you still havent.
-Root Explorer or any other explorer that have root access (ES File Manager, Super Manager, etc)! Download root explorer:
UFile  Steps on how to do it:
1) Open Root Explorer (or any other file explorer) 2) Go to this directory 'data/misc/wifi' 3) You will find such this file 'wpa_supplicant.conf' 4) If you are using Root Explorer, open it and show it in text form 5) You will now see all your historical wifi password 6) It is located under the 'SSID', after 'psk' or 'wep_key0' is your password.
*if your file explorer opens from '/mnt/sdcard', press back twice to go to the root


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  3. i deleted vold.fstab file accidently. can u help me?

  4. *wpa file.. please help me. now i need to put the wifi password everytime i want to use wifi. wifi password is not save in my phone.

  5. How can hack WiFi using gt 18150

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