How to Block Ads on Android Phone Applications

Ads on sites can be rendered easily on your Android handset. The mobile ad size likes 728 x 90, 336 x 280 takes a precious ads slot or space especially when your screen is small and mobile phone are atmost 4 inches in size. So ads on your mobile can break your nerves and you would be looking to remove those ads. If yes, and if you are here, then you are right place for a right reference.
Ad Free is an Android application which serves the purpose of blocking ads on your Android browser. 
This app only works for rooted phones and if you are one those who has that handset then Ad Free is free for you to install.
Click here to root your galaxy wonder. For other android phones, google it.
So if your intention to block ads on your mobile then go ahead with this app.
This application known as AdFree Android.

AdFree Download
How to install AdFree ?
1. Download AdFree from link above
2. Install on your android phone
3. Click Download and install host
4. Done :)


  1. Hey bro, I've got a Serious and severe question and needed your help so badly..! After I rooted my phone, use the v6supercharger, install chainfire, and also flash beats audio (all based on your post), the problem that my phone kept getting lag and hang, sometimes auto-restart is happening. When i lock my screen, sometimes it auto light up itself and often unlocked as i put in my pants..

    Do you mind helping me troubleshooting this? I felt it will be a great help and knowledge to solve this. Thanks a lot and sorry for the trouble. Email me if you reply cuz it's urgent

    1. usually, the problem that makes auto light up itself and auto-restart it because of some app that have problem with galaxy w.
      try to uninstall your recent installed app till the problem's gone..
      do not install memory optimize app, startup killer app or something similar like that because that's usually the cause of the problem above and it also can make your phone life shorter..
      For the lag and hang problem, that's maybe cause too many app you installed or you open too many app at the same time..
      try to keep running app below that 6 or 7..
      Chainfire tip: use quallcom as default, do not use none because it will make your phone's graphic low and use only powervr or nvidia when you want to play hd games like asphalt6..

    2. got it hunter thanks a lot, I get fed up and one of my cool lecturer in fact ask me to flash cyanogenMod9 so im trying flashing it now, but the boot up is like damn long about an hour scare...

    3. you welcome..
      one hour ? does it work now?
      usually it does not work if longer than 20min.
      try to restore and wipe and install it again..
      good luck