How to Calibrate Android Phone Battery after flashing a New ROM

Google eats up the battery a lot more than any other operating system because in Android there is continuous synchronization of data.

For those who love to change the ROMs on their phone often, you would be obsessed calibrating your phone’s battery very often. For those who have flashed their mobile handset with custom ROM, they are advised to charge their mobile phone to 100 % battery and then update the firmware. Suppose of if update the firmware if you have 50 % battery life, then the new custom ROM will consider you 50 % battery life as the full battery stats and thus it would provide you half the battery as specified by your phone manufacturer. In such cases the battery calibration is required to gain 100 % battery backup as specified and let us go through some of the basic calibration process.

Android Phone Battery Calibration

There are 4 different ways to calibrate your android phone battery.

Easy way is by using Battery Calibration App but you need to root your phone first before install this app.
Click here to root galaxy wonder. Others android phone users, google it for yourself.

3 Others way is by using ClockWorkMod Recovery.
Click here to install CWM for galaxy wonder. Others android phone users, google it for yourself.
Remember: To enter CWM recovery, turn off your phone. Then Hold volume up button + home button + power button. Wait until samsung logo appears and release power button but still hold volume up button and home button until it enter CWM recovery. 
The button to hold to enter CWM recovery maybe different in others android phone.

How to Calibrate Android Phone Battery using Battery Calibration App.

1. Download Battery Calibration App from here.
2. Install the app.
3. Plugin your charger to the phone.
4. Wait until it charges to 100%
5. Click the option of ‘Battery Calibrate
6. Now, unplug your phone.

Calibrate using The Battery Drain Way –
  • Drain your phone battery until its fully dead or till it switches off automatically.
  • Now charge your phone normally to the full battery.
  • You must have Clock Work Recovery app installed on your phone, you should reboot to clock work recovery and then wipe the battery stats found under the “Advanced” option and then reboot the phone.
  • Now you should look out the ways to quickly drain out your battery now. So better turn on Bluetooth, Wi-Fi hotspot, Wi-Fi, flashlight, camera to make your battery again dead.
  • Now charge your phone normally to the full and you are ready to get extra battery life added to your phone.
Calibrate using Power OFF Charge Method –
  • In the Power OFF method you would be charging your phone to 100 % when it’s ON.
  • Unplug the charger from the phone, Power off your phone and then charge it up to 100 % again when it’s on power OFF state.
  • Now again unplug the charger from phone. Power it ON and then charge it again to 100 % while the phone is ON.
  • Unplug the charger and then reboot the phone using the Clock Work Recovery.
  • In Clock Work Recovery options, go to Advanced and then select the wipe battery stats options.
  • Power ON and charge the mobile to full, enjoy.


  1. Hey bro, I've got a Serious and severe question and needed your help so badly..! After I rooted my phone, use the v6supercharger, install chainfire, and also flash beats audio (all based on your post), the problem that my phone kept getting lag and hang, sometimes auto-restart is happening. When i lock my screen, sometimes it auto light up itself and often unlocked as i put in my pants..

    Do you mind helping me troubleshooting this? I felt it will be a great help and knowledge to solve this. Thanks a lot and sorry for the trouble. Email me if you reply cuz it's urgent

    1. already answer ur question here:

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  2. Replies
    1. i use The Battery Drain method and the result is awesome..
      it only use 10% of battery for 22hours (i watched movie about 10min, call and sms)..
      so,try it for urself and feel the different

  3. when the battery is drain, charge the phone in shut down mode or switch on?

  4. Battery calibration is just a myth.

    1. it delete and create a new batterystats.bin ..
      that means it create a new batterystats.bin for the REAL battery lifetime..
      battery callibration does not longer ur battery life but it makes your phone gets a real battery lifetime..

  5. very nice blog bro!

    a Thanks from brazil : )

  6. What about the batery status when it still under 100%, the notification beeping and show the battery is full.but not.
    I had calibrate the battery again and again but its not help..
    Can u help me?

  7. Can the battery calibration app does the same work like battery drain method?

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  9. After flash a new rom, is it necessary to do this again?

  10. hi..
    hi i m using canvas2 mifromax a110 mobile. i am facing battery problems in it from day battery falls at a fast rate,during standby in night it losses 4-5% battery,also for eg if my battery is 20% left and now if i will turn off and turn on my phone it inc. to 45% ,after reebot my battery inc by 15-20% dont know why also it stucks at 15% while discharging.please help what shall i do?should i go to its service centre i have heard micromax service is not nice.please help..

    thank u

    will thus technique solve my problem ?
    plz reply..

  11. Question,

    I know it's recommended to discharge the battery completely after calibration, but what if i plug it into my laptop for a few minutes to sync something? do i have to start the calibration process over again?

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