Download Microsoft on{x} Android App to Remotely Automate & Control Tasks

Smartphone are integral part of our life and we use it not just for communications but we use them properly for everything like camera, calendar, camcorder and our connection to the web. 

Every day we use different applications to get the things done but it’s not always easy to find the right one. Microsoft has finally taken a step forward on something related to Android by unveiling a new Android application and other sets of API through the On{X} app which opens endless possibilities as said by Microsoft developers behind this brain.
On a bitter note the smartphones of Microsoft powered with Windows Phone OS wouldn’t be able to access this feature.

On{X} is both Android application and a website and you can remotely program your phone to perform actions and event happening in your daily life. For example you can program your On{X} application to automatically sent text message to your wife or husband that you will be late. Now the task would be automated of sending a message to your dear ones. On the website of On{X} you can find several API’s for several automated tasks. One of the most useful of these API’s is the mode of transport which is the ability to detect whether user is walking, running or driving car. For example you can perform your phone to automatically remember the parking spot when the mode of Transport changes from driving to walking.
While you are writing the scripts this does require some of the programming skills and knowledge. All these skills and API Javascript are available at Microsoft On{X} app site called recipes. The users can manage their recipes and they can even write their own recipes as well. Once you install this application you should be login with Facebook and this application is still under beta consideration. The application is right now available for download from here.

Click here to download Microsoft on{x}

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